Constructions of Chaos

‘PRIVATE DIMENSIONS’ is an installation project during which the process of awareness in our surroundings and how that presents itself to us is being researched. It consists of three parts: ‘Constructions of Chaos’, ‘Places for Illusions’ and ‘Associations to feed your Memory’. ‘Constructions of Chaos’ is an installation that incorporates seemingly autonomous ‘projection machines’ that create islands of light in the darkness. These constructions work analogous, creating chaotic and unpredictable images that are displayed onto unstable carriers such as smoke and water. The projectors are activated by the presence of the visitor. ‘Constructions of Chaos’ tackles the conception of thoughts, the flow of ideas and the process of creation itself. It’s about the way the human mind turns images of chaos into connections and associations. Beyond the rational mind a world is created between reality and illusion, between conscious and subconscious, between a thought and the visualisation of that thought.