Associations to feed your Memory

‘PRIVATE DIMENSIONS’ is an installation project during which the process of awareness in our surroundings and how that presents itself to us is being researched. It consists of three parts: ‘Constructions of Chaos’, ‘Places for Illusions’ and ‘Associations to feed your Memory’. ‘Associations to feed your Memory’  is an installation that, again, consists of three interconnected parts. First, there’s  a sound set-up with ‘drawing sounds’. The second zone is an installation of various layers of horizontally suspended drawings in tall metal profiles. In the third part, the visitor is seated on a high revolving chair in a transparent cylinder with a double hull and a diameter of 2m. In it, abstract images are being projected onto smoke clouds. ‘Associations to feed your Memory’  is about the creative process in itself as well as the memory -which is closely connected to the process- using drawings, light, sound and projections. The image of memory is the central feature of the installation. How is the image of a recollection, which in itself used to be a projection of reality, being formed?  A repetition of the recollection colours and disfigures the memory as it is influenced by knowledge, desire and hypothesis. Those very recollections, including all their complications and uncontrollable associations, are being researched in this installation.