Places for Illusions

‘PRIVATE DIMENSIONS’ is an installation project during which the process of awareness in our surroundings and how that presents itself to us is being researched. It consists of three parts: ‘Constructions of Chaos’, ‘Places for Illusions’ and ‘Associations to feed your Memory’. ‘Places for Illusions’ is an installation that consists of three interconnected zones. The ‘transparent zone’ is a hanging construction, a conurbation visualised in steel wire with projected slides of apartment windows at night in the background. The ‘in between zone’ is enclosed by a screen on which whirlpools and a sprinkle of fine, white sand are projected. In the ‘white zone’ dream images are displayed in a container that is suspended from the ceiling. This second instalment of ‘PRIVATE DIMENSIONS’ is based on the idea that certain places are closely intertwined with emotions and thoughts. Spaces in which we live are therefore literally beacons of our thinking. Memories of and dreams about those places, the result of an amalgamation of the rational and the irrational, of the conscious and the subconscious, allow for the creation of new images that hover between appearance and reality.