A project in progress in which -during three phases and as many public displays- the process of awareness is being researched : from far away to within. From consciousness over illusion to what finally remains of said consciousness : the memory.

The three parts of Private Dimensions are :

  • #1 – Constructions of Chaos (Echo.Base, January 2008)
  • #2 – Places for Illusions (Echo.Base, June 2008)
  • #3 – Associations to feed your memory (Echo.Base, November 2008)

As a whole, Private Dimensions is an installation that keeps on expanding as the various media that are being used merge and influence each other like an associative ant heap; combined together, they become an entity.

Up to this point, Private Dimensions consists of three stages and all parts are closely intertwined during each stage. Apart from the influence of space and light, their existence only becomes meaningful because of the correlations between various works. Equally, the visitor creates meaning by simply being there. His movement through the space as well as his personal associations and visualisations turn him into a physical feature of the installations.

Through the installations I research how the human consciousness works, the way the world presents itself to us, the memory and the influence of our surroundings. I’m particularly looking for the unfathomable grey areas of our mind. Somewhere in between past and present, throughout time and the ever-elusive ‘now’, I’m searching for the ratio between recollections and the creation of (new) images. By what means does the image of a memory define itself ? I explore the area in between remembering and what used to be the projection of reality.

In the process, I combine various media such as film, photographs, slides, drawings and mechanical constructions to generate images through the projections of and on unstable matter such as smoke, water and sand.

These projections shape a world that refers to an image of a memory from my thoughts, in which a collective potpourri has formed itself based on the idea of a place, a city for instance. The spaces that are thus created are partly transparent, an open book and you find yourself submerged in an illusion of reality. You are in a temporal space, in between what seems to take place -appears- and whatever is physically happening in the spaces themselves including gurgling water and grinding sand.

That way, I create a space similar to the one that is being formed in our consciousness : a blueprint, a framework of sorts that can be filled in individually.

The resulting images influence each other as well as the space itself, which in turn creates a bewildering dimension of illusory places. Beyond the rational, pattern-seeking mind, a world separating reality and illusion is being created. A dimension appears in between conscious and subconscious,  thought and image. It is a space that opens itself in between the projection of a machine and the projections of our own mind.

My installations can be perceived as an exclave of my memory through which you can walk, becoming physically aware of the space and filling it in with your own blueprints.