Denkbeeld voor een restruimte (iets voor onderweg)

  • Year 2014
  • Material iron, wood
  • Dimensions 45m2

EXHIBITION VIEW - 'El Hotel Eléctrico', Museum for Contemporary Art Antwerp (BE)

As a giant model, made entirely from iron wire, this architectural study hangs suspended in space. The empty, now virtual construction allows the probing eye free rein. The visitors' participation is important, as indeed the piece is best explored by walking along it. As if one penetrates a force field, each visitor in his or her personal way bridges the intervals between the objects in this 'staged'space. 

Group show: Robert Breer, David Claerbout, Robert Devriendt, Léon Foucault, Sara van der Heide, Pierre Huyghe, Katrin Kamrau, Julien Maire, Anthony McCall, Lars Morell, Matt Mullican, Philip Newcombe, Honoré d’O, Roman Ondák, Cornelia Parker, Philippe Parreno, Bart Prinsen, The Quay Brothers, Yann Sérandour, Tommy Simoens, Michael Snow, Clare Strand, Javier Téllez, Luc Tuymans 

Text: Edwin Carels (Curator El Hotel Eléctrico / Foto 2: '75 (66) Indicative Images (2013), Clare Strand